Breakfast Done Different

Breakfast time is the first opportunity of the day to make smart decisions for your health. The body is waking up, and awaiting the day’s first fuel. This is the time to make positive choices, and a fatty, starch-heavy breakfast that will weigh you down and challenge your digestive process is not the best option.

Nutrition experts may not agree on much, but many agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Drained of its fuel sources from its fast during sleep, the first chance to refuel the body is most important, so do it right. Make choices that offer nutrients to replenish and drive your body throughout its busy day.

Nutrient-rich, easily digestible options are going to be the best bet because they supply the body with a quick source of fuel that is not going to tax the system unnecessarily.

“Experts” Agree, Breakfast IS Important

Before reaching for a heavy bagel, sugary granola or yogurt, consider this unconventional approach to breakfast. The building blocks for sustained energy and vitality are present, without overloading your system. Using whole grains, seeds and nuts, and fruit as the basis for breaking your fast, you are already beginning to improve your day.

Whole grains are a better option than their refined version, because they include the bran and germ, contain more fiber and will be much more effective against chronic diseases. Seeds and nuts in their raw, unsalted state provide many of the micronutrients needed daily, including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Fruits, in their whole and natural state, provide vitamins and minerals, along with fructose, easily assimilated for quick energy.

Try a New Spin on Breakfast

Instead of reaching for the same breakfast option, try one that will provide the nutrients necessary to provide quick and sustained energy for your day. For it, you will need:

-Half of a papaya, seeds removed
-One banana sliced and mashed with a fork
-Raw, unsalted sunflower seeds
-Raw, unsalted almonds
-Ground flaxseed
-Ground cinnamon

Papaya is wonderful for digestion, and rich in Vitamin C, among other nutrients. It also works well as a bowl. To this, add the banana, seeds, almonds, and cinnamon. Eaten with some steel-cut oatmeal or eggs, everything needed to begin the day right is included. You will find that it satisfies your hunger, without feeling overloaded.





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