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In The House

Our Services

Private Chef

No matter if you are planning dinner for two, family meals or gathering friends, let's create some delicious memories together.

Parties & Catering

It’s party time, and you are looking for a way to actually enjoy yours for a change, let Dropping Beets handle this.

Nutritional Coaching

If you would like to step up your commitment to your health, consider Food and Nutritional Coaching.

In-Home Cooking

If you are looking for help in providing healthy meals for you and your family, glance our way. We've got this.

Pantry Makeover

If you have spices in your cupboard from when Clinton was President, then maybe it’s time for a pantry makeover.

Vacation Rental

Are you visiting Central Oregon? With all of this wonder around, no one wants to cook or wash dishes….

Medical Recovery

While recovering from surgery, illness or childbirth, then the last thing you have energy (or time) for, is cooking.

Recipe Development

Let's help you develop new ideas and recipes to try at the dinner table, potluck or anywhere. Adios, recipe rut.

Athletic Performance

The best way to see effective results from your training is when it's partnered with a strong nutritional foundation.

Shop, Chop & Tidy

Sometimes the idea of cooking sounds great, but shopping, chopping, and cleaning really aren’t much fun.

Cooking Classes

Learn from a pro, and then eat your homework. Become a potluck legend. Is there a better way to learn?

Nutrition Classes

We all would like to be healthy and eat well. But, with so much conflicting information out there, what does a confused eater do?

It's Party Time

Special Events

It's time that you actually enjoyed your party, rather than worry about all them details. Let us help.

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