Flavorful Beginnings

Flavorful Beginnings


It's Good to Be Here...

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Joe Benevento, and I like to rock the funky beats. I'm also a fan of kitchen alchemy, and have spent many years of my life making this magic. Kitchen magic can improve everyone’s day. We all win. That is, unless you didn’t get a plate.

Everyone deserves to live in good health. This begins with a diet of natural, whole foods, prepared with loving attention. Food is medicine, and when treated as such, it can heal the mind, body and spirit.

Dropping Beets is based around this principle: Meals prepared in your home, with the love and attention that your family deserves. Wellness begins at home and the greatest joy comes from this healing principle.

After over twenty years in restaurants, I have cooked in a variety of "houses" and found some basic simple truths. No matter how simple the ingredients, if prepared with attention and care, the dish is certain to satisfy the soul.

The proof is in the bite, when time stops, and nothing else exists but taste and savor.  Striving to stop time is a pretty good way to spend any day. Life works best when we slow down occasionally, and stop to smell the sauce, taste the sauce, and drink more water.

flavorful beginnings

Simple Pleasures

Enjoy Here

"And it's good to be here, gettin' fly with the raps.
We love it where we from, but we kick it where we at.
Bumpin' out with somethin' that pops and transcends..
In amongst the pebbles, we rocks on your blocks"

-"It's Good to Be Here," Digable Planets

Invite the Neighbors

Come & Git It

Some of life's greatest moments are centered on gathering around the dinner table. Maybe it's time for a gathering...

Party Time

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