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Dropping Beets offers personal chef, event catering, and nutritional coaching services. They're designed to help you get the most out of life, while keeping you healthy and happy. We create custom menus for your family or event, all done the way you like it. Leaving more time for everything else..

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Flavorful Beginnings


With over twenty years professional kitchen experience in the US and Brazil, throwing down in a variety of styles and cuisines, Chef Joe has developed some mad skills.  Along with that is a passion for healthy eating and sharing his joy with the world. So, no matter what you have an appetite for, rest easy knowing that Dropping Beets will bring the flavor.




Rather than posting what we have to offer each week, Dropping Beets will create custom-tailored menus following your specifications. Imagine having your own chef, creating menus just for you!

For an idea of what this could look like, have a look at some menu samples!

fire cider
November 9, 2018

Fire Cider Brings Home Affordable Healthcare

Fall is here, and as the weather changes and temperatures drop, cooties step-up their...
garden party
July 13, 2018

Nothing Beats a Garden Party

What the world needs to do is stop for a moment and throw a...
May 17, 2018

More to Cinnamon than Meets the Nose

For centuries, Chinese, Egyptian, and Ayurvedic medicine have used cinnamon for its warming effects...

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