Cooking Classes

If you have ever felt like it’s time to lift your game in the kitchen, but you’re not sure how to go about it; our cooking classes could be the answer to your riddle. It’s time to learn from a pro.

Chef Joe has over 20 years experience “playing restaurant” in professional kitchens in a variety of settings. He has paid dues and collected scars. Along the way, he has also picked up a few skills and learned some cool kitchen stuff.

Are You Hungry?

We are proud to offer cooking classes, based around a variety of topics, from fundamental skills learning to regional cuisines and healthy cooking. If you want learn to properly use a knife, or learn more about raw foods, or how to create recipes for specific diets, Dropping Beets is here for you.

If you have ever marveled at the skills of cooks in restaurants, remember that the only thing different between them and you is training and practice. Chef Joe has trained young line cooks and chefs for years, and learned that the one main factor separating the successful ones from the other kind is a question of desire and hunger. Are you hungry? Come on in, the kitchen is open.

Small groups, as well as personal classes are available. Specific class offerings will be coming soon.