Food is Life & My Life’s been Food

Food, food, how I love and owe my life to thee! I can’t count how many days I have spent caught up in our dance of “dream it and bring it to life.” Food is life, and my life has been food.

Food is one of the true universals. It is what binds our pieces and brings us all together. It’s also what allows us to continue on to do it all again tomorrow. Poems have been composed and love songs have been sung about it.

I am surprised though that more people don’t shout from the rooftops about the joys of one of life’s greatest pleasures. Instead, they post pictures online and that’s just not the same.

It could be that too many of us are caught up in our daily grind to realize what a daily blessing we have in food. It’s more likely that too many people are not eating the type of foods that inspire them to sing.

For as long as some form of human has existed, food has been a centerpiece of life. While busy lives have done much to erode the ritual of mealtime, some of our most cherished moments have food as the backdrop: Thanksgiving, romantic dinners, Sunday brunch, going out with friends, grandma’s kitchen.

We all have those early moments when something we ate seriously moved us. It rocked our world so damn hard that it has forever remained tattooed. My life-changing moment in the kitchen will always stay with me. I was 12, and my mom’s friend made linguini and clams with garlic bread for us.

Even now I can smell it; he simmered the garlic and butter with oregano and some olive oil. My nose freaked out. It sent a chill up my spine. All I wanted in the world at that moment rested inside of that little saucepan. Is this why I’d heard my mom talking about her love of garlic?

Honestly, it rocked my soul. I was dizzy with it. I honestly never knew food could shake the ground under your feet, but it happened. My soul unleashed a sigh like I had never experienced before, and all was good in the world.

It wasn’t just eating the meal that moved me. Watching him work his way around the kitchen simultaneously confused and amazed me. I couldn’t believe that we had a real wizard at our house!

When he asked me to help, I almost played shy. But, that didn’t last and being too intrigued not to see more, I accepted the invitation. I learned a few things that day which empowered and excited me. I wanted more.

What began that day continues today, and I hope you join me for the learning and some fun. Honestly, I never know what I will be up to next; so it will be a surprise for both of us.

This website and business is most definitely a labor of love. I love the opportunity to bring and share good food and wellness with you. Thanks for joining us. Let’s drop the beat on Dropping Beets!

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