Shop, Chop & Tidy

Do you fancy yourself a maestro behind the sauté pan or a wizard with a wok? Does a little quality time with Food Network or at the Farmers’ Market inspire you? It’s really not so crazy an idea. Sometimes the idea of cooking sounds great, but there’s just one thing. Shopping, chopping, and cleaning really aren’t much fun.

In this situation, there really are only a couple of options. The best option, of course, is to pull out your magic lamp and just wish. “I’d like someone who would do all of that shopping, chopping and tidying for me; so that I am free to work my magic in front of the stove. I’d love that. I wish that were a real thing.”

Poof. Wish granted.

How It's Gonna Work

After our initial consultation, where we determine your needs and goals, we’ll also create a shopping list. From there, the service is pretty self-explanatory. We will do the shopping, prep items for cooking later, properly store them and clean up. It is like having your own team come in to set you up for culinary success.

With support like this, maybe this is the year you decide to give Thai cooking a try. Maybe you can now try that recipe you found online which looks amazing, but labor-intensive. Whatever the case, you can let your creativity flourish with Sous Chef Dropping Beets in your corner.