Recipe Development

Are you in a recipe rut? You like to cook, but your recipe book is limited. It would be great to have some new options, but it’s tough to know what’s good and what will fail miserably. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay with the tried and true.

Suffer no longer! We can help you develop new ideas and recipes to try out at the dinner table, or the potluck, or wherever you find yourself. If you need a few more can’t miss “go-to” recipes to keep the crowds happy, we can do this. And we’ll help you come up with cool names for the dishes, so they impress even more at the potluck.

Create New Favorites

We’ll begin with our initial consultation, where we discuss all things related to your eating. Not only will we look at what you’re eating, but what you would like to have in your diet. It’s not always easy to incorporate new foods, but it can be with help.

After the consultation, the process truly begins. We will start with some basic ideas to determine what works for you. The ideas that you like will then be developed a little further until we have several new recipes to try. Once it is time to cook, you will probably have some keepers. Then, rinse and repeat.