Nutritional Coaching

Fun fact: Chef Joe is also a certified nutrition coach. So, if you would like to step up your commitment to your health, and combine several of our services, consider Food and Nutritional Coaching. There isn’t a better option for being proactive with your health.

We will take a close look at what and how you are eating now, and compare this with your goals. Sometimes it’s not just about what you’re eating; but, also about when and how much. Working together, we will help you develop new levels of awareness and new skills for your wellness journey.

Nutritional Coaching for Every Body

Chef Joe is a certified exercise nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, one of the most respected nutrition schools operating today. The information within the program is research-driven and has helped facilitate genuine life change for many, many people.

This program, coupled with Joe’ years of experience working in food and wellness, along with extensive research in food as medicine and his personal experiences, all come together for your health. Chef Joe is an endurance runner, and it is his goal, and plan, to continue running marathons after he reaches 100.

We believe in setting “crazy” goals and then achieving them. Whatever your goals, Dropping Beets can help you reach them, drop the mic and walk away.