Nutrition & Wellness Services

At Dropping Beets, we strongly believe in the fundamental idea that food is medicine, and an understanding of nutrition goes a long way towards promoting wellness. In offering nutrition and wellness classes, as well as nutritional coaching, we want to help you become the healthiest version of yourself possible.

We also subscribe to the principle of bio-individuality, and that there is no one perfect diet for everyone. Helping you to decide which dietary choices work best for you, and how to incorporate them into your life is what we do and what we live for.

Small groups, as well as personal classes, are available. Specific class offerings will be coming soon.

Can You Dig It?

These days, the “experts” can’t seem to agree on much when it comes to the subject of nutrition. It is very understandable how the rest of us could be confused. If they can’t get their facts straight, how are we supposed to know which are the wisest choices to make?

Rather than razzle-dazzle you with the latest and greatest nutrition fads in an attempt to get you to buy our book, from Dropping Beets real down-to-earth information and discussion is what you’ll get. Taking that further, we'll dig in the dirt and play with the roots. Then, take some of that dirt and examine it, before coming to realize how much more vitality is in there than meets the eye.

Life may occasionally hand you lemons, but with our help, you’ll be able to do much more than make lemonade. After learning about the benefits of lemons and how they affect your body, you’ll be able to look past your old ways and understand why lemons are such a gift after all.