Parties & Catering

It’s party time, and you are looking for a way to actually enjoy yours for a change. Don’t let the planning get you down, let Dropping Beets handle this. We live for parties and events! No matter what theme or menu you'd like to serve, your wish is our command. We can handle all aspects of the menu, preparation, serving and clean up. And we’ll do it with a big ol’ cheesy smile to boot!

At Dropping Beets, we are seasoned party pros. Over the years, we’ve seen our share of fiestas and party people, and know how to bring the mad flavor. The experience we bring will allow us to do the cooking just the way you’d do it if you weren’t busy working on your dance moves.

Dust off Your Dancing Shoes

We know that pulling together all of the aspects of a party can be daunting and that usually doesn’t even include the food. Dropping Beets has got this one. We’ll bring our many years of culinary experience to the table, and help you create an event your friends will rave about for years.

Whether it’s tapas for twenty or Dinner, fancy and subdued, Dropping Beets will ensure that you love the food.