Nutrition Classes

We all would like to be healthy and eat well. That’s pretty easy to agree with. However, it‘s difficult to know what is good for you anymore. With so much conflicting information out there these days, what does a conscientious, yet confused eater supposed to do? Nutrition classes, bro.

Fear not, Dropping Beets is here to help bring some clarity and comfort to your confusion. In an environment without judgment, we will examine nutrition principles, covering a variety of topics, all designed to help you feel more knowledgeable and confident. Small groups, as well as personal classes, are available. Specific class offerings will be coming soon.

Do We Need Carbs, really?

Now that low-carb diets are so popular, this question is one that comes up frequently. By the way, for the record, the answer is yes. We need carbohydrates every day. True story.

Did you ever notice that three-quarters of the word, “diet” is DIE? Considering that, it isn’t really a stretch to suggest that it is time to move beyond die(t)ing and move towards living. Through learning sound nutritional concepts and applying them in our lives, we can learn what genuinely works for us and what is just a diet. From this point, we truly begin to live.