Athletic Performance

It doesn’t matter whether you are training for your first marathon or preparing for the Olympic trials, the best way to see effective results from your training is when it's partnered with a strong nutritional foundation. Countless clinical studies have proven this simple fact.

Chef Joe is a certified exercise nutrition coach and trained to provide you with the type of top-notch service needed to reach your goals. As an endurance athlete himself, he also has a personal understanding of the challenges that come with physical performance goals.

Fuel for Your Fire

The process begins with an initial consultation, where your needs and goals are discussed. We will also look at approaches you have already tried and their levels of success. Chef Joe will develop not only a menu, but also a plan for timing meals and snacks, so that they may be most effective.

Along the way, we will monitor your progress and make changes to your plan accordingly. Your needs will change over time, and we will adapt to meet them.

Of course, as always, we will bring the mad flavor to each creation. We will also bring the proper fuel for your fire, which is critical to your success.